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What’s the difference between an average tender and a great tender?

An average tender provides the information requested and allows the organisation to make a decision between the different companies tendering for work. A great tender goes the same thing while telling a story about the company and the work they will do. It is consistent across all sections. It has a small number of repeating…
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Working with Government

When planning to work with governments at all levels, there are several aspects that are crucial to remember. Government is not spending their money. They are spending taxpayers money (yours, mine, everybody’s). This means they have rules and systems to ensure this is done fairly and without bias, which leads to frustrating processes and systems…
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Working with Big Business

Big Business has lots of stakeholders and regulators who want to ensure all their activities are being performed legally (and hopefully ethically). This causes large bureaucracies to develop. This means dealing with big business can sometimes be similar to dealing with governments. There are processes and systems to follow that may not make sense to…
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