What’s the difference between an average tender and a great tender?

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What’s the difference between an average tender and a great tender?

An average tender provides the information requested and allows the organisation to make a decision between the different companies tendering for work.

A great tender goes the same thing while telling a story about the company and the work they will do. It is consistent across all sections. It has a small number of repeating themes. These themes stick in the reader’s mind and make it easy to remember the tender.

An average tender may have different ways of expressing the same thing. It may have different formats for repeated documents, such as Resumes, cost calculations, past performance statements. These differences will often cause confusion and be seen as a potential for risk.

A great tender is consistent in message, format and language. A company that submits a great tender will often be seen as low risk because they take care with everything, including Resumes, cost calculations and past performance statements.

An average tender will not stand out from all the others. A great tender is memorable in a good way that the reader will remember for next time so that even if it does not win this time, the reader has a good impression of the tendering company.